Foot Skills Program (3)

Program Information:

The sessions are for players to develop foot skills, ball control, dribbling techniques, and one vs. one attacking skills. Using a unique method that breaks down even the most complex moves to make them manageable for players of all ages to learn and master.

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Working in conjunction with Danilo Vittorato, and the YESA Coaching Team, this Program will leverage the YESA PIT methodology to enhance player decision on the field.

Players will develop an understanding for the When, Where, How and the unique timing required to enhance their overall foot skills. 

Develop into an elite soccer player with the best foot skills and futsal program on Long Island. Danilo Vittorato’s goal is to provide high quality comprehensive player development, balanced in an atmosphere of enjoyment in the love of the sport. Each player will develop overall physical conditioning, foot skills, game tactics, and strategy. Players will be exposed to competitive game situations, where they can utilize the techniques they have learned. Encouragement and repetition are two of the main teaching tools used to prepare players to be the best they can be, both physically and psychologically.