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Mission Statement

To produce technically excellent and innovative players, with exceptional decision making skills

Aspiring to play at a higher level?  Would you like to play with our Premier and Senior teams?  Do you want to play in College? Do you see yourself as a professional player?

Continue your elite soccer player develop with ESCA’s proven player development program. This program is designed for the competitive athlete who is looking to bring their game to a higher level of play. Qualified players must;

  1. love the sport
  2. understand what it takes to be committed to a structured soccer development program
  3. have an existing platform of physical conditioning, foot skills and soccer IQ to build from, and,
  4. be committed, to your independent player development.

Players will be exposed to competitive game situations, where they can utilize the techniques they have learned. Encouragement and repetition are two of the main teaching tools used to prepare players to be the best they can be, both physically and psychologically.

Our professional coaching team will take advantage of every opportunity to teach and demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship, while developing the player to be the best they can be on and off the field.

Has your coach prepared a National Team for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

Adrian Parral holds a UEFA ‘A’ P1 Coaching License and has worked with  National Squads for FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Qualifiers game preparations and strategy to kick-off against Germany, Poland, Scotland, Ireland, and Belgium National Teams

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