29th Annual Town of Babylon Supervisor’s Cup Soccer Marathon 2024

The South Shore Soccer Club, Inc. is proudly preparing for our annual Soccer Marathon. The 2024 Town of Babylon Supervisor’s Cup Soccer Marathon will be taking place on Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3, 2024. This is an annual soccer event that only happens in West Babylon to raise funds for Long Island children stricken with life threatening diseases.


Each marathon year, South Shore Soccer Club chooses several honorary families to bless with a monetary gift.  This year, for the first time, the club will be accepting nominations for children 0-18 years old residing within the Town of Babylon. If you have or know of a child facing any medical challenges and are located in the Town of Babylon we would love to hear and learn about their story!

Making a nomination is the first step in changing a child’s life forever!

What is Needed to Nominate a Child?

Anyone can make a nomination, even if you don’t know all the details about the child you are nominating.  We ask that you have some basic information and provide us with the contact information for the parents of the child being nominated.  We will reach out to the parents of all children nominated to ask for the most updated information and how they would use the money if they were chosen. Chosen families are required to submit an official diagnosis from a doctor or health care professional.

How Many Times Can a Child Be Nominated?

There is no limit to the number of times a child can be nominated.

Once a child is nominated, they are eligible to be chosen as an honorary family for the current marathon year or any future marathon for years to come.

What Can a Family Use the Money For?

The sky's the limit!  Families have the freedom to spend the monetary gift as they see fit. In past years, we have seen the honorary family spend the funds on bucket list trips, medical costs, specialized formula, home renovations, moving costs, therapies, surf camp, Broadway Shows, theme park trips for the entire family, and more.  The blessing a family will receive depends on our donors, sponsors and you to help us spread the word!  We strive to help a family with anything that they may not be able to do without our help. Sometimes that is as simple as paying medical bills and other times it’s an adventure to bring a long overdue smile.


Making a nomination is the first step in changing a child’s life forever!