Lions United FC - Futsal


As the founder of YESA, and the Director of Futsal Coaching, Danilo Vittorato has firmly established himself as an elite coach and inspirational leader for young soccer players.

Native of Brazil, Danilo's professional futsal playing time with the best academies in the world, makes him uniquely qualified as Lions United FC Futsal Director. In his move to the US, Danilo has distinguished himself by developing futsal players who compete at the regional and national level. He has also won countless championships with his futsal teams.

Danilo’s knowledge, passionate direction, and individual attention captivates his players, helping them to feel supported in their personal futsal journey.

Futsal is another form of US soccer or “football” that is played on a smaller field and mainly played in indoor facilities. Futsal develops soccer players’ speed of play with technical skill training and small-sided games.

It’s name came from the Portuguese Futebol de salão , which can be translated as "room football". This sport was developed in Brazil in the 1930’s and 1940’s.


Many soccer players play this dynamic and intense game. Players such as Neymar, Messi, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Robinho, and Ronaldo, played futsal during their beginning years before they moved on to their professional careers.

The benefits of Futsal include:

    • creativity and technique as players create plays in small spaces
    • ball mastery
    • accurate and quick passing
    • first touch
    • perception insight and awareness
    • balance
    • motor ability
    • agility and coordination