2022 Town of Babylon Supervisor's Cup Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can I roster for this tournament?

You can roster a maximum of 12 players for this tournament

What day will my team play?

U5 - U8 will play on Friday night (first game @ 6pm).

U9 & U 10 may play Friday or Saturday night. (all games will be played on the same night). The night of play will be determined by numbers of teams registered in each age group.

U11 + will play on Saturday night (first game @ 6pm)

Where can I see the standings?

This is a festival style tournament - no standings or scores will be recorded. 

We ask each Coach and team to remember why we are playing... our goal is simple, we play to help the families in need!

This tournament is not about competition - play for the kids who cannot. 

Is this a patch exchange tournament?

Yes. Each team should exchange patches at the end of each game. 

How many games will we play?

Each team is guaranteed 4 games. All games will be played on the same night. 

How can my team help raise money for the recipients?

The recipients appreciate any and all help!!

Here are just a fews ways you can help...

  • Ask each family to donate a basket that can be raffled off
  • Have a generous employer? Ask for a sponsorship - click here for information 
  • Recycling Project - Ask each player to recycle their bottles / cans and donate the returns to the recipients