2024 Town of Babylon Supervisor's Cup

Soccer Marathon Rules

  1. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All players must be registered and insured with their local soccer club.  Player birth certificates and team rosters must be turned in at registration.  Each player must have a notarized medical release form.  Your club registrar must certify team rosters. LIJSL and US Club passes may be used in lieu of birth certificates.
  2. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: The number of players on a roster is not to exceed twelve (12) players per team.
  3. GUEST PLAYERS: Up to (3) three guest players will be allowed. Travel Guest players must have approved LIJSL guest player forms to be submitted at coaches meeting.
  4. SUBSTITUTIONS: All substitutions will be made on the fly.  Player must be off the field of play before a substitution can be made.  All players being substituted into the game must enter from center field. 
  5. EQUIPMENT: The footwear is cleats for U7 division and older. Sneakers for U-6 / U5 division.  All players must wear shin guards.  Each team member must wear the same colored, numbered jerseys, and the goalkeeper must wear a different color from his/her teammates and opponents.  Each team shall bring two (2) sets of different colored jerseys.  In the event of a color conflict, the HOME team will change jerseys.  No jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.)  No orthopedic casts.  No long pants except the goalkeeper.
    • U-5/6 Coed division:
      • Each team will play 4 games. Each game will be (20) minutes in length. Game will be 4 v 4 format using a size #3 ball. No goalkeeper. Field will be 20 x 30 yards with 3’ x 4’ goals.
    • U-7 – U-14 divisions:
      • Each team will play 4 games. Each game will be (25) minute’s in length. Game will be
      • 6 v 6 (5 field players and goalkeeper). Size #4 ball is to be used. Field will be 30 x 50 yards with 6’ x 12’ goals.
  7. Home team is to switch jerseys in the event of a color conflict.
  8. Home picks end to defend. Visiting team supplies the game ball.
  9. STANDINGS: No standings will be kept. This is a festival format. All teams are to exchange patches.  Teams are encouraged to bring extra patches to insure enough for all players and to share with the marathon participants.
  10. FIVE GOAL GUIDELINE: In keeping with the spirit of the event please be aware of the score. Teams have participated in this event to help a great cause and to have fun playing under the lights. Please restructure your formation, play down a player or put pass restrictions on your players to keep the score from getting out of hand. The referee may remind you of this guideline. Teams constantly running up the score will be reported to the tournament director/referee coordinator.
  11. CORNER KICKS: Corner kicks will be taken.  A team awarded a corner kick will kick from the side on which the ball went out of play.
  12. FREE KICKS: All free kicks will be INDIRECT except for a penalty kick.  An indirect kick must touch two (2) players before a score. 
  13. PENALTY KICKS: When a penalty kick is awarded, all players except the shooter and the goalkeeper will vacate the penalty area where the penalty kick is taken.
  14. OFFSIDE: The outdoor offside rule does NOT apply.
  15. SLIDE TACKLING: Slide tackling is NOT allowed.
  16. PROTESTS: NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED!  The decisions of the referee and the tournament director (or his/her designee) are FINAL.
  17. PARENT AND PLAYER CONDUCT: A red carded (ejected) player is eliminated from the tournament. The team may substitute for the ejected player.  A team is responsible for the conduct of its players and parents, BOTH ON AND OFF THE FIELD.  If a team is found to be disrupting the smooth flow of the tournament, they will be asked to leave the premises and will forfeit all remaining games without refund.  If warranted, an incident report will be filed with LIJSL, SSI and home club.
  20. COACH’S CONDUCT: Coaches are responsible for their behavior as well as their parents and players. Referee abuse will not be tolerated. A coach who receives a red card must remove themselves from the field and report to the event coordinator or designated representative at the field house.  Said coach is disqualified from the remainder of the Tournament. An incident report will be filed with LIJSL, SSI and home club. No refunds will be issued in the event a team or coach is required to leave.
    • All games will be played in the rain. In the event of lightning games will be suspended for 30 minutes at which time it will be determined whether to resume or cancel the remaining games. Once the games for the day begin any games that are cancelled due to weather will not be made up. In the event that the fields are unplayable due to weather games will be rescheduled for Sunday August 4th. These games will be made up throughout the day not necessarily at night. As this is a fundraising event for our recipients and run by 100% volunteers no refunds will be given. All money will be donated to the recipients.
  22. FUTSAL RULES: (U15 + )
    1. Each Team plays 4 games
    2. Futsal ball will be used
    3. Field will be 30x50  with 6’ x 12’ Goals
    4. 5 players (4 field players + 1 Goalkeeper)
    5. Unlimited “flying” substitutions (12 Players on a Team)
    6. Kick-in (No throw-ins)
    7. Running Clock
    8. 20 minute halves
    9. 1 time-out per half
    10. Goal Clearance (throw) (no goal kicks)
    11. No shoulder charges or sliding tackles
    12. 4-second rule on restarts
    13. No Offside Rule
    14. Goalkeeper Steps: No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds
    15. Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball played back
    16. Limit one back pass to Goalkeeper
    17. Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored
    18. Corner kick placed on corner (not in arch)